gay couple

  1. D

    I need help ID’ing this webcam model

    I used to watch him and his bf’s stuff ages ago, but I can’t seem to remember his name, he’s a Latin webcam model with a big dick and he used to plough this little twink on webcam, anyone remember the name of their channel?
  2. A

    Looking for a Genuine Sugar Daddy

    Hi, I am looking for a genuine gay sugar daddy that will support me even just a little. I don't want to just leech of my sugar daddy but actually build a genuine and serious connection with them. I am from the Philippines and that will probably make it harder for a sugar daddy outside of it to...
  3. K

    OnlyFans ID

    Does anyone know the alt or OnlyFans for these guys? Thanks!
  4. T

    Looking to go on cam with my boyfriend

    Hey everyone My bf and I are looking into starting an onlyfans and we thought we’d try something on cam to get a bit more comfortable Are there any cam sites people recommend? We’d be masked as a bear and pup and want something more adult. let me know if you have any recommendations as it’s not...
  5. T

    Scot Pilié & Ben Mount (Instagram Couple)

    Been thirsting over this gay couple in Atlanta. They always post pictures in Speedos and seem to have some bulge. Anyone got anything on them?
  6. C

    Photos & Videos Digo Krisnayana ( @ digokris ) & Syafri Syamli Aziz ( @ aziznomoto / @ shaggyhandsup )

    Digo Krisnayana Tiktok : digo (@digokris) | TikTok Facebook : Instagram : Login • Instagram Syafri Syamli Aziz Tiktok : hollyshiiit_ (@hollyshiiit_) | TikTok ( @ hollyshiiit_ ) Instagram : Login • Instagram Digo Krisnayana Alter Account ( Akun Alter Gay...
  7. Maikel

    Logan Pettit (and Tayte)

    I thought I'd start a thread for him since he is so hot but he don't really appear in any of his husband's OF. His insta is @loganpettit and his husband is @accidentallyaaron
  8. C

    Video Who are they?

    Does anyone know what couple this is? bottom is super verbal. top appears to be blonde.
  9. R

    Hot Couple - Pharm_traveler91

    They have got to be one of the hottest couples on IG, especially Jonathan. He's absolutely stunning.
  10. Piejukebox

    Photos & Videos Alex Rosso and Nathan Luna

    omg is anybody else obsessed with this sexy venezuelan couple?
  11. M

    Does anyone know who this couple is??

    The guy on the right is Cambodian. Found their video here:
  12. Piejukebox

    Photos & Videos evan knox and daniel evans (bfs)

    i find both of them very hot so i decided to make this thread for anyone else interested in them this thread is for all their content not only their couple stuff
  13. M

    Sergio y carlos – SergioGmz19

    Sergio Gomez from Spain. His Instagram: sergio_lpz9 His Twitter: SergioGmz19 His Onlyfans: OnlyFans
  14. T

    Recognize these dudes?

    Please if anyone has any info, OF (hopefully) of these two guys I’d love to find them out, I only saw these pics on Twitter nameless!
  15. F

    Id Help - Brock Banks Hyped Up Spanish Couple's Of

    Hi guys, I watched this Brock Banks interview (and fell deeper in love with him) and in the video he gushes about a Spanish couple's OF page. Could someone please ID which couple he's referring to? Guesses are welcome! Brock mentions the channel at 31:24: Thank you! P.S. How does Brock not...
  16. D

    Gay Couple Pics Littlekinglife

    Anyone have anything on this couple littlekinglife. They usually post on tiktok and instagram. They are so / Wondering what's out there on them?
  17. N

    Caleb And Emery - Gay Tiktok Couple / Onlyfans

    Does anyone have anything on these guys? They have a joint couple tik tok and Instagram and I think they're pretty hot together. One of them has an onlyfans where they post couple content as well. Is anyone subscribed or could subscribe to their onlyfans? I'm just dying to see videos of them...
  18. B

    Beefy College Guy Looking For Jerk Off Buddies, Circle Jerk Groups, Couples, On Snapchat

    Hey bators, I'm a 20 yo horny guy that likes bonding with other guys over wanking, I love group settings, couples, circle jerks, friends, roommates, the more the merrier, I like nudes on snap but I occasionally cam. Kinky and open-minded, just no taboos and nothing illegal lol. I love...
  19. T

    Santiago And Axel , Sexiest Twink Couple

    anyone have more?? They are SO hot
  20. F

    Id This Hung Couple

    Anyone know who this hot couple is in these videos?
  21. Dan0424

    Luke Mullen

    Found this hot guy while watching some "Tyrus" videos in youtube from the show Andi Mack, go watch those if you want to see more of him. I was surprised he didn't have a thread and then realised it is because he turned 18 last month (september 2019), so be careful with the images you post. Luke...
  22. M

    Tj & thomas mckay the property lovers

    Any pics of PJ and Thomas McKay? Cute husbands and briefly had a show on HGTV. They also go by The Property Lovers.
  23. Isiahsin434

    Do you agree with this article from pink news

    How straight people should behave in gay bars It’s kind of funny the ones who are upset about this article are bisexual people and Non binary people and I Kinda agree with this article
  24. Isiahsin434

    Do you think that being polyamorous is a good thing or a bad thing for gay male community

    I have noticed a lot of gay men especially hot attractive muscular gay male couple are in polyamorous relationship with other gay men You have some people say that it is disgusting you have some other people say Its a good thing for relationship
  25. Isiahsin434

    Hot male gay polyamorous throuple

    This thread Is dedicated to hot male gay polyamorous throuple. please post gay polyamorous throuple only. They have to be men only. If you find a gay male polyamorous throuple pictures on instagram and on O.F please post it here
  26. 1

    Cute gay couples getting it on

    Primarily looking for videos where the couple is having sex, and they're also being romantic and verbal. Aka -