gay domination

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    First time being dominated: 21 y.o. hung alpha. true story with pictures. Sorry it is too long, i had to write down everything I saw and felt

    I started the week as a normal, vers guy, successful at work and quite confident in general. I only had some fantasies of servicing a hot guy, which i had never really done (only vanilla sex). However, after meeting a young dominant master over the weekend, I am now shocked by the person I have...
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    Gay Raceplay

    25 yo subhuman inferior sandnigg*r for white gods to serve. A worthless f*g whose only purpose in life is to serve men of the superior white race. Arabs’ place is beneath white people’s feet. My goal in life is to be a house slave and live in a cage. #whitepower Skype id...
  3. Pigsubslut

    After Dick And Domination

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    After use and dick