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gay fanfiction

  1. Longislandguy

    The Jedi Order: Duelling Sabers I

    Hello Everyone! I’m at home, sick and bored and watching Star Wars. SO, this was started. Please know this is only the first chapter, and as such is only to set the scene of the story going forward. It will become 18R hehe so make sure that you’re old enough! And be patient if you are, it is...
  2. A

    Sam And Dean - Forbidden Love! (supernatural Gay Fanfiction)

    Sam and Dean - Forbidden Love!! (Fan Fiction based on Supernatural TV series) Story: Sam jumps into pit to stop Lucifer from brining the Apocalypse! Dean quits from being a hunter and lives an apple pie life with Lisa and Ben. Sam returns to the mortal world without his soul and Dean has no...