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gay for pay

  1. Jeremy Dallas

    Straight and gay-for-pay pornstars

    Hi everyone Weird Hoping someone can help me with this fetish. I’m looking for a list/suggestions of straight and gay for pay pornstars (vintage or present). Basically, anyone straight and/or married in their real lives or those who’ve done crossover. Not necessarily looking for onlyfan...
  2. L

    Help IDing fetish porn models

    Hi, I realize straight men in trouble isn’t the most kosher porn to be watching, but the boxer is so handsome and extremely my type. After searching for this video for a long time, I rediscovered it today and tried very hard to ID the actor but I couldn’t find his name anywhere. I remember in...
  3. Bluebailey

    gay pornstars that you want to go back out of retirement

    Which retired gay pornstars that you wish to be back
  4. markblackthorn425


    Anybody know what any of the models are up to? Specifically Cali, Bailey, and Luis?
  5. A Rentboy's Diary


    My first night as a rentboy We had met at a party for a friend, Rishi, Jake and Tyler were all 5 years older than me. I had a great time talking to them and at the end they invited me over for a few drinks at their house. As soon as the door closed Rishi grabbed my ass and leaned in with the...
  6. HairyAussieBloke

    Like Em Straight

    Looking for all the Like em Straight videos. I can’t find a lot of them and I just wanna get my collection up. Any help would be great
  7. B

    Milo From Straight Fraternity

    Hello, I have looking for videos of Milo from Straight Fraternity for ages, if anyone got them it would be much appreciated! I found him very cute and has a great little ass.
  8. B

    Gay For Pay On Onlyfans And Just4fans

    Hey everyone, I recently saw an article that discussed straight men that made gay for pay content on onlyfans, but I don't think the writer understood what gay for pay means, as all the performers listed were just straight guys who got naked and had straight sex for gay audiences, the most 'gay'...
  9. Jmilessss

    Feelin Horny

    Just wanted to share some more stuff
  10. D

    Beefcake Hunter - Gabriel

    Anyone know if he did anything else? Or his socials? To me, he's one of the best on BCH. He's so sexy!
  11. sexfanatic

    I Would Pay To Know Where This Gay Porn Star Ended Up Lol

    I use to have such a crush on this porn star? His stage name was Rick McCoy Whatever happened to him? Any info? I wan't joking lol
  12. P

    Photos & Videos Straight Guy Tricked

    Share your photo or video of Straight guy tricked doing gay stuff.
  13. francisxcvii

    Favorite Military Classified Videos

    Drop your favorite Military Classified videos here! Here is Rock's 3rd video: Rock set ins howdys rock hard shlong In aperture
  14. Creoleken

    Real Str8 Vintagae

    Anyone have any vintage/ old school gay for pay, tricked, seduced videos? No of this new age pretend actors shit. Would love to see some real hot vids.
  15. L

    Taylor From Str8boyz Seduced

    Did this guy ever do more scenes? I read one comment that Taylor came back for one more but I cannot seem to find that scene anywhere
  16. 1

    Photo Like Em Straight Vids

    Looking for Archie one where he gets blown not the duo. Any like em straight content really, just really like that one