gay guys

  1. B

    Video ID this steamy car sex

    Please help ID these two guys banging in the car!
  2. J

    Does anyone have Luca from corbin fisher/marco from military classified's socials?

    Does anyone know if he has an onlyfans or has a twitter??? He worked for corbin fisher under luca and did videos for military classified under the name marco. if anyone knows where I can find more of him lmk, thanks
  3. Jujues08

    Boys On Edge

    I have been trying to track down videos of Boys on Edge, but am having no luck. Does anyone know where I might be able to find them? I am specifically looking for Nicko and Caesar (teaser below) and virtually any other video featuring this cutie Nicko and his BWC. Any leads would be appreciated!
  4. P

    Balls from behind

    Guys from behind inspired but where you can clearly see their balls. Best position (in my opinion) is on all fours, so you can get a great look at everything, but it just does something to me when you can see a mans ass and his balls. To me its a very vulnerable and submissive position so to...
  5. P

    ''Catching'' guys checking out dicks.

    A thread about catching guys staring at someone else' junk. Think its really hot when ''straight'' guys are jerking off together and one makes a quick glance at the others junk... yknow, for scientific purposes. This thread was made because I watched a clip of a guy working out with a HUGE...
  6. 4

    Gay Bait Breakdown?

    So I came across this term the other day and I was wondering if I could be enlightened on the dynamics of this term. Is it an overall negative term and something offensive? I'm sorry if it is, I'm just a very curious person. I seen it used negatively from the definition example given. Like do...
  7. 4

    Why Do Straight Guys Use Grindr?

    I seen this article that was talking about this and I thought it was very interesting. I was not aware of this. Didn't know whether to post this on ask Gay Man or Ask Straight Man, so I figured the Gay men on here have had this encounter and can elaborate. I'm so curious about this. What do you...
  8. L

    Weekend Without The Parents

    I’m Phil, the captain of the senior team. Swim season was always my favorite time of year. This year was no different except that it would be the last season we all had together and we had a though there was a new guy on the team, Dave. 6’0 foot tall, broad shoulders, chiseled pecs and a solid 6...