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gay muscles

  1. M

    Ed Dinakos

    This vintage gay porn star, Ed Dinakos, is one of my favorite old school porn actors. Unfortunately he passed away from AIDS. When ever I search for his porn, there are no penetration videos with him. Only body worshiping, kissing, and dick sucking. Does anyone have penetration videos with him??
  2. J

    Benjamin Weil (benvyle)

    Look at this massive beefcake! He has a great ass and you should see what he used to look like! All skin and bone back then, and now, lots of eating and anabolic steroids did him real good! Also good friends with Paul McNulty!
  3. J

    Ian Parks

    Any pics on this sexy bear? instagram.com/real_ian_parks
  4. Tayfun Bilgin

    Ig: Omeraltinkopru

    ig: omeraltinkopru
  5. J


    Bump! Any vids for this handsome stud? onlyfans.com/thebritishbear1
  6. B


    Ok guys, any dirt on this sexy couple? I want to fuck the one with the big booty and marry the sexy BF with the hot face