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gay pornstar

  1. G

    Tom Moore ( Gay Hitchhiker)

    Hello, i was looking for this particular guy TOM MOORE anyone have link to his vid latest one ? i wonder how's he doing in 2022 i do miss this guy a lot Note : for the record this guy been on gay porn too
  2. M

    Jim Slade

    Who remembers this gay pornstar Jim Slade? He was one of the best power bottoms in porn. What is his back story? Where is he now?? Thoughts???
  3. M

    Kamal Ali from Men of Montreal

    This sexy man is Kamal Ali. He did two videos for Men of Montreal. Identifies as bisexual. Does anyone know what happened to him? Where is he? What’s his real name? Thoughts??
  4. T

    Top 10 Porn-Male-Perfomers

    Top 10 Porn-Male-Performers I thought this might be a funny idea…everyone can share a list with 10 of their favourite male performers in porn…straight porn and gay porn…male only…10 only…maybe add pictures if you like. Number 1 should be your all time favourite and number 10 your least...
  5. elusivehoney06

    Photo Adrian Long: Where Is He Now?

    Adrian Long was my first gay porn crush His body is just perfection in my eyes! Muscular yet a tiny waist, that chest and the chest hairs ooof I wonder where is he and what does he look like now? Does he exist on socials? I also remember being so annoyed that his BF at those times looked like...
  6. C

    Kellan Corbinfisher

    I just miss gorgeous Kellan and his slutty ways!! He's the hot, All-American boy next door who grew up and became a cockhungry cumdumpster whore. A fantasy come true. He's always seemed super nice and upbeat too. I wonder why he deleted his twitter. I'd marry that hot cumslut in an instant and...
  7. Daniel0424

    Abe & Charley - Sean Cody

    Hey. I just wanted to create a threat for this scene because is for real one of my favorites ones. The chemistry between both of them is so high and they look like thy were having the time of their lives. Not to mention that Abe came 4 times. So, what do you think of this scene? Do you think...
  8. 1

    Help! Id This Pornstar!

    Does anyone know who this guy is and/or his real name? As far as I know, he did one video for RubHim with Trace Michaels and one video with Ungloryhole.com. He goes by the model name “Tallan”. If anyone knows where I can find this guy online (twitter, Instagram, FB etc...) PLEASE HELP ME OUT...
  9. A

    Zak bishop

    One of the best bottom of the porn industry, he is so hot Does anyone have some news of him ?
  10. cockley

    Low hangers

    I’m looking to put together a list of gay pornstars with low hangers! Who are the guys with the best balls?
  11. J

    Boomer banks

    Does anyone have some of his videos or photos??
  12. B

    Please id this pair of masculine gay pornstars

    does anyone know who these two fit as fuck gay pornstars are please, in the video at the top of the page, thanks Ruski Kanak — boy-fun-zone: gay-porn-dudes: . NSFW 18+