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gay story

  1. E

    Help me find this story

    I've read 2 stories a few years ago in literotica or nifty it goes Story 1: A guy probably a coach is in his home alone in his kitchen when a bunch of guys in masks invades his home and force fucks him because he didn't select them for team or some reason, at the end of the fuck session he...
  2. duckitplz1

    Gay porn with plot

    Like myself a lot of people prefer porn with some kind of plot. Some nice foreplay, some story, and we like to think of it as real although we know it’s a porn and completely staged. There aren’t any threads with such topics do thought of creating one.
  3. HunkNerd

    Photo Asmodis - Bedtime Story Part 26 - 30 END

  4. HunkNerd

    Asmodis - Bedtime Story Part 21 - 25

  5. HunkNerd

    Asmodis - Bedtime Story Part 16 - 20

  6. HunkNerd

    Asmodis - Bed Time Story Part 6 - 10

  7. HunkNerd

    Asmodis - Bed time story

    Part 1 - 5
  8. Willo

    Tyler In The Celebrity World

    Hi! I'm doing a story about a young gay guy named Tyler who gets into the celebrity world and starts exploring his sexuality by having sex with celebrities. I'm planning on doing a series with a few stories, the first one is about Tyler and Justin Bieber, the second one will be about another...
  9. H

    Slept With A ‘straight’ Male Friend, Twice!

    So, long story short. When I went back to work after the first lockdown there was a new boy. Like a young Rob Lowe! Let’s say his name is J. Instant attraction towards him. Obviously became friends quickly, had few nights out. Drinks, late nights out etc. On one of these nights coming back from...
  10. L

    Weekend Without The Parents

    I’m Phil, the captain of the senior team. Swim season was always my favorite time of year. This year was no different except that it would be the last season we all had together and we had a though there was a new guy on the team, Dave. 6’0 foot tall, broad shoulders, chiseled pecs and a solid 6...