gay wrestling

  1. G

    New Here. 30 y/o guy from Louisiana into Erotic Gay Wrestling.

    Hello everyone. I'm just finding this site after searching something about wrestling on google. I guess my key words lead me here, to a thread about Thunders Arena Wrestling. Anyway, I doubt I'll be posting pics or anything. If you enjoy erotic gay wrestling and want to chat about your favorite...
  2. S

    Black/Interracial Erotic Wrestling.

    This topic was recently being discussed in another thread. This forum is for people to show appreciation to the Men of Colour in Erotic Gay Wrestling. Post Pics and Vids if you have them!!
  3. newkidontheblock

    Pro Wrestling’s Hottest Men 2019 [megathread]

    So I can’t find the one big thread for pro wrestling superstars and instead I find multiple small and dead forums for WWE’s, AEW’s, NJPW’s etc hottest men. If I missed it,link it to me. If it doesn’t exist, let this be the mega thread (if allowed)