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  1. M

    Can anyone find this g4p video?

    I've been searching for this video forever. It's on ThisVid but it's marked as private and the owner won't add me. Any idea where I can find it?
  2. NMNM

    Best gay for pay only fans?

    Genuine apologies if this has been posted before, I have looked and googled without much luck. any tips for good gay for pay, or bromance heavy only fans? Andy Lee for example is great!
  3. H

    Anybody know where to find the full video or anything else by these two?

    Mamando o amigo hetero gato - www.prazergay.com.br idk why but I’m absolutely mesmerized by the guy getting sucked. Love to watch the full scene or at least something else with him in it
  4. D

    Video REAL straight guys experimenting (getting head, topping, etc)

    Videos of straight guys (specifically jocks) messing around are super hot to me and I know they are to many people. Unfortunately mainstream studio porn companies know this and created a bunch of shitty fake “straight goes gay” videos with gay pornstars. I don’t like studio porn in general but...
  5. MrBsx

    Photos & Videos Do you like to suck me or are you a boring one?!?

    Do you want to suck me ? For a yes I try to fulfill your request for video or photos .... I don't waste time with boring people .... Surprise me if you can ....
  6. SeatBoars

    Photo British Twink/jock - @reeceyumi - Onlyfans And Insta

    OnlyFans Just shouting out this British lad, his page is only $3. His cock and ass are epic and most stuff on the main feed. Extended versions are like $5 at most. He does really good requests too. also he’s letting a guy suck his cock for the first time next week. previews below:
  7. GayInWeho

    Mission: Straightcollegemen.com Archives

    Hey peeps on a mission here to find Archives of Straightcollegemen.com. If you have any post here particularly of "The Island Trip" 2006 Day 1-5. I've seen a few clips out there but hoping to get better quality since you can't access the actual site anymore. This was literally the start of my...
  8. ColemanBeau

    What Are You Guys Thinking About Gayhoopla's New Faces.

    Me: Some are good
  9. [No title]

    [No title]

  10. F

    Raw Fervor: Broke ''str8'' Guys Getting Fuc**d

    Does anyone have any of their videos? The guy fuck a bunch of broke ''str8'' guys and post it on onlyfans, xtube, etc... onlyfans.com/rawfervor Raw Fervor Gay Porn Videos | Pornhub.com RawFervor (@RFervor) | Twitter
  11. 1

    Like Em Straight

    Anyone have links to their vids? The main one I’m looking for is Archie but I’m keen on whatever. Archie and Ed are my favourites.
  12. N

    Male models, ig th0ts & celebs who escort

    The original thread got deleted because I posted about S hys R achett and W ax M yatt hanging out :joy::sweat:
  13. 1

    Patrik rajcsanyi

    Anything on this boy? Patrik Rajcsányi (@patrikrajcsanyi) • Instagram photos and videos Straight instafitnessblogger with RENTMEN profile offering escort service NatanXXX - Pornstar Performer, RentMen, Gay Massage - Los Angeles, CA | Rent.Men
  14. T

    Video You could send me videos of straights for pay

    Hi, I'm new, I could have scenes of gay men or gay porn stars fucking one or several women. I'm gay and that theme I love.
  15. X

    Photo Vinnyb on rentmen

    God he’s so fine !!! If anyone can get more pics/vids/ or social media info share plz
  16. L

    New gayhoopla actor ty jason

    has anyone seen this new guy on gayhoopla.com or hotguysfuck.com Does he have social media?
  17. L

    Anyone know this guy

    anyone know this guys real name or social media accounts? He goes by Ty Jason on gayhoopla & hotguysfuck