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  1. W

    Video Help ID gayhoopla actor

    Saw this screenshot in a video clip on gayhoopla but cannot figure out which scene it is. Can someone help? see photo
  2. M

    Anything else on Jaxon Grey (GayHoopla)

    Jaxon Grey from GayHoopla and BiGuysFuck. Anyone know if he has an OnlyFans or has made content anywhere else?
  3. J

    Austin Martin Gayhoopla

    Anyone knows his social media or maybe other videos from a different studio? Thanks!
  4. Bluebailey

    Corbin Fisher’s Caleb (From 2006!) Is Now GayHoopla’s Blake Jackson

    Honestly he looks hotter now. He aged like a fine wine
  5. conciousness

    Jared Flores at HGF and GH

    Anything on Jared Flores? Has a few videos on HotGuysFuck and a solo at GayHoopla.
  6. E

    Photos & Videos Drew Flex | Tyler Schultz

    I didn’t see a dedicated tread for this stud. So I’ll start. His stats 23 yrs + 5’10” + 190 lbs of muscle = I came across him as a happy accident. I subbed to his OF & have enjoyed myself since. I have DM’d him a few times & he has been response to me which makes me love him even more...
  7. G

    Jaxson Briggs

    This man needs his own thread.
  8. B

    Photos & Videos Anybody have any photos/vids of @t_blurredm?

    Hey you guys! I'm looking for anything on @t_blurredm from onlyfans. He also used to go by Dax from Fratmen.
  9. T

    Photos & Videos Trevor Brown (gh)

    Does anybody have any information about Trevor Brown from Gayhoopla please?
  10. D

    Porn Stars That Give Off A Big Bro Vibe?

    Forgive the oddly specific question. I've been working on a project (porn-related obviously) and I was looking for a porn star that could fill a "big brother" role. Someone younger, college-aged, cute/handsome but also gives off a lil' bit of a bad boy vibe? Someone with a lot of material out...
  11. 9

    Jeremy Barker

    i was surprise that he don't have a thread here! he's one of the hottest gayhoopla model.
  12. 9

    Franco Styles

    this guy is one of the hottest new gayhoopla model :)
  13. 9

    Gabriel Jordan - Gayhoopla

    Does anybody know what happened to this guy or any social media? Gabriel Jordan, He had one of the biggest asses on this site. So sad he only got rimmed once and played with a plug. I would had love to see him getting dominated...
  14. T

    Photos & Videos Porn Actors Who Look Similar To Celebrities

    Hey y’all I had an idea of creating a thread where we share male porn actors who look similar to celebrities that we know and adore. So the fantasy can live and flourish for ever. Of course I'll start with two who I personally think look similar to celebrities. 1. Jarec/Jarek Wentworth = Chris...
  15. 6

    Dutch Weaver

    He has the greatest ass in Gayhoopla tho! Any fans out there? Dutch Weaver is amazing!
  16. S

    Chase Arcangel Hotguysfuck/onlyfans

    anyone got anything on this guy? he's hot as fuck
  17. 4

    Noah Gato - Gayhoopla

    Does anybody know what happened to this guy? He was so hot! He was in HGF and Gayhoopla for some solos
  18. ColemanBeau

    What Are You Guys Thinking About Gayhoopla's New Faces.

    Me: Some are good
  19. R

    Gio Lockwood

    Gio Lockwood was a super hot model from GoyHoopla but he dropped off the map about a year ago. Does anyone have anything else on him? Any information about what hes doing now or social media?
  20. J

    Ethan Manor

    If any of you guys have seen Ethan manor at gayhoola or hgf you would know how sexy he is he needs to start an onlyfans lol
  21. F

    Ideal.matt/mathieu Sire

    What happened to Mathieu Debonair or Mathieu Sire (ideal.matt on Instagram)? Has he deleted his Instagram? Onlyfans? Still with his boyfriend?
  22. antisza44

    Does anyone know damian romano's social media?

    He's one of my favorite models in Gayhoopla and I want to know does anyone have any hints about his social media?
  23. antisza44

    Tea on any gayhoopla men??

    Does anyone have some tea on any Gayhoopla men?
  24. P

    James manziel

    Anyone also fan of James Manziel on Gayhoopla? He looked like one of the cool guys you would like to hang out with. His performance is great and his ass is plump as hell. Anyone has news about him? Is he still working for GH? James Manziel Official Bio
  25. L

    New gayhoopla actor ty jason

    has anyone seen this new guy on gayhoopla.com or hotguysfuck.com Does he have social media?
  26. L

    Anyone know this guy

    anyone know this guys real name or social media accounts? He goes by Ty Jason on gayhoopla & hotguysfuck