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  1. M

    Zayn @zaynnyzaynzayn On Twitter 16 Inches

    https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/media This guy's dick is insane. He claims he did some shady surgery ( https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/status/1389262918391189508 ). If it weren't for the videos where he cums literal bucketloads I would be more inclined to believe him. I suspect it's a silicone...
  2. Badunkbadonk

    World’s Biggest... (mm/mmm Size Differences Vintage)

    As a show of gratitude for the many years of pleasure you all have shared with me on this site, I am giving you (in installments) the next Peter Schutes novel “World’s Biggest”. If you like Peter’s fiction, check out his website Www.peterschutes.com WORLD’S BIGGEST Fork Bob Follett had a...
  3. Chemcaramel82

    The Documented Big Dick Of The Old , New ,field And Office Of Hollywood,uk And Parliment Cocks

    private blog: private msntrcocks1
  4. C

    Please Help Me Find A Certain Story

    I feel like I'm going crazy! There was a story on here that I read years ago and it was one of the hottest I've ever read. It was a m/m story about an absurdly hung college dude (who I really want to say was named Ben), and it was told from the perspective of a classmate of his. I've searched...
  5. J

    Luke Cooper - Hung Floridian

    Luke Cooper (@LukeCooperXXX) | Twitter Does anyone have more content from this guy? He's relatively new in porn.