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    Hey Everyone, Excited To Have Just Joined!!

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    Girth Increased

    As of a few weeks ago my girth has increased from 6in to 6.5in. I’ve had a 6in girth all of my adult life. I would like to find out what led to this increase in size. I have measured myself 4 separate times now including once by my girl and it’s held steady at 6.5inches. What could cause this...
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    Fat cock gangbang/orgy: women getting plowed by multiple thick girthy dicks

    so thread is about gangbangs or orgies where there are MULTIPLE fat cocks, and even better if they are all are almost all fat cocks involved. 95% of gangbangs and orgies features a variety of sizes but this thread is for the scenarios where the majority of the cocks involved are super thick and...
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    Share your girth stories/experiences

    Men & Tops, share those juicy details of your partner SPECIFICALLY referring to your Girth/Thickness feeling good, stuffing, stretching, filling them up full DURING or AFTER sex (so not ones where they simply make reference to your girth before any sex). Women & Bottoms, shares those juicy...