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    Daddy In Orange County Looking For A Obedient Cocksucker

    Im a kinky verbal perverted daddy in Orange County , and I'm looking for a cocksucker that can host or knows a cool place to meet up . I love watching porn , wearing cockrings , ball stretcher , glans ring , and feeding guys , girls , and sissys
  2. Natennnnate

    Wide Dickheads And Deep Cockslits

    Is there a connection between wider heads and a deeper cockslit (coronal sulcus)? Any ideas? I've been told I have a very large coronal sulcus. But I also have a large glans head. Feel free to add your large glans and your coronal sulcus pics here.
  3. J

    Photo Big Mushroom Head

  4. S

    Uncut Guys With Massive Heads

    I have a huge fascination with big glans (no matter cut or uncut). I am uncut but normal glans size. I find very erotic and interesting seeing uncut guys with big heads pulling down their foreskin and making this big head come out. Feel free to share pics, gifs or videos with the foreskin...

    Photos & Videos Huge Mushroom Head Gifs , Pics , And Vids

    This is for lovers of huge mushroom heads , glans , and knobs
  6. LukeEUSA

    Should I Have My Frenulum Removed?

    3477921347793134779413477951 Here are 4 pictures of my frenulum. I am uncut - but like to roll back most of the time (I’ve even considered circumcision) What do you think about how this looks right now? It is kind of tight - and the sensitivity it has is not one that helps me sexually. I have...