1. J

    Photo Anyone Got More Pics Or Know Who This Is?

    He seems like he’d have a tumblr
  2. G

    Photo Grabbing Another Guy's Junk (no Studio/homemade/boys Will Be Boys Version)

    Based on this thread: Photo - Grabbing another guy's junk Post any pictures of guys grabbing other people cocks. The only difference is that no studio pictures will be posted in here, only homemade/straight guys messing around and such shall only be posted here. Hope to have fun.
  3. Lavieboheme

    Guys ass grabbing each other

    So there are two family friends that come around that have fit asses. My heart flutters just at the thought of grabbing a cheek and shaking it congratulating the owner on such a handful of ass. Any stories out there? Gifs? Videos? Buddy grabbing is hot especially if they’re straight.