1. BADway

    Any Welcome For An Arabic Cock !?☀️

    Hello beautiful people, I have registered on this website a while ago, only today did the photo verification process which have enriched my whole experience ♥️ I am open minded and available for everyone to greet talk and discuss, i put all my knowledge and experience in your hands. Hoover over...
  2. D

    Greetings From Belgium

    I've been a lurker here for a while, but decided it's high time for a formal introduction. Hey, I'm Decakapo :D I'm from Belgium, 29 years old, happily married since a few years in an open relationship :) If you guys got questions, I'm more than willing to answer all I can - I've got loads of...
  3. BunnyBoi

    New To The Site

    Hey hey, new user hopping along I’ve already posted a few photos if anyone is interested, but I look forward to being apart of this community!
  4. 3

    Hello !

    hey guys um... im new here! i signed up like 3 weeks ago soo... yeah can anyone explain how this plataform/comunity works? thanks a lot! Any Daddy to help me please ?!