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  1. F

    Mandingo's cock growing

    Anyone have any clips of Mandingo's cock growing inside his pants? You can see here at around 00:50, it gets too big to fit: Horny Preggo Slut Fucks Mandingo Another one, at ~2:50, his monster is just trying to get out: Watch M @ VR (Valerie Rose) *Huge Load* - Aimi, Mandingo, Deepthroat Porn...
  2. FitCollegeDude

    Huge Cock Superpowers

    Huge cock superpowers Back in the day I had a best friend and I had always been jealous of his big cock. However, then in just a very short time I had outgrown him, which I didn’t find that strange at the time, because after all cock growth spurts can happen until your late 20s. Later in life...
  3. Dream Big

    Curiouser And Curiouser

    Alex looked at the bottle before him with an incredulous look on his face. Drink me was printed in near script on the sticker on the bottle. The broad-shouldered, brown haired, brown eyed college freshman was American, but he was no fool, and when his professor had offered a berth on his...
  4. M

    Grower vs. shower vs. pe "abuse"

    How have you found being a grower vs. a shower has impacted your PE? I am an extreme grower going from 2" to over 7.5", so I have found over 20 years of PE that my penis can take a whole lot more "abuse" than most can endure. For example, most PE sites post significant warnings about guys...
  5. Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos

    Soft to hard photos