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  1. Shane_W

    Helping a noobie in body building and such

    Hey everyone, I am a skinny 20y and I will start going to the gym this month and I'd like to get some tips being a begginer. Some important things I would like to point out, I am vegetarian, and I know that it will take some time to get some change in myy body, but is there a way of accelerating...
  2. 1

    Growingmusclebro's Onlyfans

    This guy, called @BroGrowing or GrowingMuscleBro has been posting for a long while on Tumblr and on Twitter. To me he seems like an obvious strap-on case and we all are in on the fantasy. However, he does have an OnlyFans and I would like to know what he posts there. Here are some links...