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gym sex

  1. M

    Fairfield County, Ct New Here

    Hey guys, new from Fairfield County, CT - always looking to make friends -- I work out at the LA Fitness in Norwalk most days and would like to meet up!
  2. D

    Gym Gay Experiences

    I go to the gym but really want to jerk off with someone there or have sex secretly in the gym. How do I find that person?
  3. Capitolhillguy

    Is Sex Still Common In Gyms Today?

    I went to largely gay gyms decades ago and sex happened all the time in the jacuzzi and steamroom. I must have felt up 40 guys over the years in one Jacuzzi. One young god shaved his asshole in the shower and bent over and asked if he got it all. Later in the Jacuzzi i could report that he had...