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hairy men

  1. Carl Hardwick

    Carl Hardwick - Hairy Chested Men

    Carl Hardwick is the actor / model of the movie “Hairy Chested Men - Self Service”
  2. F

    Todd Gunn

    Anyone have anything or OF content to share on this gorgeous beefy hairy stud? Love his dirty talk and how dominant he is. His Twitter is TODDGUNNXXX
  3. F

    Josh Davis (@davisjsebastian)

    Hot doctor, had a long time girlfriend, was all over tumblr a few years ago, and is currently on Scruff. Anyone have any thing on him pics/vids? Or what kind of guys he's into?
  4. S


    Anyone else think he’s super hot? He’s a speedrunner/youtuber and I’ve always thought he was absolutely gorgeous. Feel free to share any hot pics on here please!