1. A

    Nicolas Pieroni (@nico_pieroni) Bodybuilder from Hawaii

    Anything on him? He's so fucking sexy
  2. Lucky Blue Smith

    Better Celebrity Nude: Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt?

    Two of my favorite celebrities in both music and acting that bared it all. But who has the hotter nudes? Who would you rather?
  3. T

    Anything on jackfromtown?

    Anyone have anything on jackfromtown (Jack Ho)? He’s a 18 year old surfer from Hawaii. This is his IG: jackfromtown
  4. Necks

    Hawaii Cruising

    Aloha! Post your favorite cruisy locales, beaches, parks, saunas and spas, bathhouses, public restrooms, communal showers, clubs etc! Talk story about your latest cruising experiences in Hawaii!
  5. G

    Tiktok- Jonny The Kami (jon)?

    Anyone have anything on him?
  6. A

    Tyler (tylertigerx)

    Someone subscribed to this twitter gay hottie's OF?? onlyfans.com/tigerxd https://twitter.com/tylertigerx?s=20
  7. P

    Photo Wesley Keen

    He’s a hot, tatted, Hawaiian-Filipino island daddy who used to live in the SF Bay Area but has since relocated back to Hawaii. Before Pornhub enforced its unverified content policy there were a couple of solo videos of him jacking off and busting in a bathroom, shower, etc. Does anybody have...
  8. P

    Koal Apuna

    He’s a hot, muscular Hawaiian guy who’s currently in Utah. On IG he’s usually shirtless and posting gym and travel thirst traps but always tags and hashtags that he’s a “male model”. If you look at who he’s following it is clear he has a type: White-ish, handsome, fit, model-ish. And he also...
  9. A

    Roman (kolohe Kai)

    Lead Singer for Hawaii Music Band Kolohe Kai... He Is So Cute ! Here’s Some Recent Pics And A Link From A Few Years Ago Singing... Got A Pretty Nice Bod Haha
  10. pinkcowboy

    Tiktokdylab (dylan Cole)

    thought I would start a thread for him??
  11. A

    Hawaii Men

    Hawaii Guys Are So Hot ... Hawaiian Blood And Those From Hawaii !
  12. B

    Max Holloway Mma Fighter

    Was wondering if anyone had any bulge, vpl, ass, or whatever pics/vids of this Hawaiian MMA fighter?
  13. 1

    Kekoa Macauley

    Any goods on this hot Hawaiian, @kekoamac on insta
  14. Lucky Blue Smith

    Justin bieber nudes

    The things I'd do to him. Ugh, he's so fine.
  15. [No title]

    [No title]

  16. [No title]

    [No title]

  17. B

    Inspirealohadaily - ryan watanabe

    Anyone got anymore of this guys vpl, bulge, ass, etc ? He posted his mornin wood bulge to his Instagram story a few months ago and one of his soft bulge on snapchat (lost that one) Hes pretty famous out here in Hawaii
  18. 1

    Need advice: fresh start

    Hey everyone not sure where to post this or how to even go about it but it’s this issue I’ve been dealing with for a while now. Basically I’m seeking to start out new somewhere else far away from where I’m at now. I recently came out to the majority of my family and close friends. I’m 28 years...
  19. surfRgymnast

    Big island hawaii in november

    Hey guys, Will be in Kona the week before thanksgiving. Wondering if there are any guys that are on the big island that might be into showing me around one of the days I’m there?
  20. SocalLA

    Honolulu september 2nd-9th 2018

    Does anyone live in Honolulu or visiting at the same time? Ima be in Honolulu the first week of September 2018. Shoot me a message with your skype or snapchat. Would be chill to hang with another dude. Fit cute and Hung here
  21. C

    Alex o'loughlin cock size details?

    Alex O'Loughlin is one of those who I would drop my pants and let him fuck me anywhere if he asked for it (Along with a few others, such as Chris Pratt and Jensen Ackles) Anyway I wanted to ask what are the gossips out there about his dick? Anyone met him and want to give details? Or maybe you...