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  1. JayPR

    Straight guy flirting with you. Has it ever happened to you?

    Have you ever met a straight guy, either through friends or any other social scenario, and as soon they know you're gay, the guy starts behaving kind of nicer or even flirty with you. Of course, usually kind of discrete, but you notice that he is overly friendly and touchy, especially if there's...
  2. D

    Straight-curious Snapchat Group

    Since there aren’t any active groups for straight-curious guys, I’m willing to start a strictly straight-curious/heteroflexible/bi-curious group if any of us straight-curious guys are looking for a place to be comfortable, explore, share, appreciate, connect, etc.. My only requirement is you...
  3. ComeOnLetsJack

    Looking For Jo Buds In Berlin

    Hey guys, Middle aged gay dude here. I'm looking for str8 / hetero flexible guys who want to have a bate bro to meet up with here Berlin. I'm chill, friendly, discreet and serious about meeting. Curious or experienced, doesn't matter. I'm married to a guy, and we're open, so it's cool on my...
  4. JayPR

    Gay For Pay: Thoughts? (video)

    Just curious about what are your thoughts on straight men who have sex with men in porn for $$$. Do you think a straight man, who's not attracted to men at all, can have sex with another man just because he's getting paid? Just watched this short documentary and it is very interesting to listen...
  5. Jake1973

    Horny Roommate (college, Mild Domination, Cmnm)

    This is an older series of mine which I got interested in again. Nick (AKA Sticky, in part because I forgot I have a Nick in another story) his a bit of a legend in his dorm for his exhibitionistic ways and getting his bunkmates to please him in various ways. When Taylor moves in, he has no...
  6. 1

    30m/25f Looking For Another F - London

    as the ad says, we are looking for another girl to potentially join us and have some fun. We are both professionals aged 30(him) 25(her) - not gym rats but in decent/normal shape. He is Caucasian and she is Eurasian. Location: London, UK. Sorry guys, but we’re looking for a heteroflexible/bi...
  7. 1

    80%-70% straight - 20%-30% gay

    Question to guys that identified as 80%-70% Straight - 20%-30% Gay, what does that gay range mean to you?
  8. 4zardoz4

    Labels don’t necessarily matter, but they may be helpful...

    So I’m working on a personal theory and I appreciate some of your thoughts. I indentify as straight. I’ve never had sex with a man. I am erotically attracted to men, but I have only had sex with women and my romantic relationships have all been with women. With regards to my same sex...
  9. Jake1973

    Teasing a new one: "the cat & the cucumber"

    I've never written with a big dick focus before but here goes. I saw these YouTube videos about how cats are for some reason freaked out by spotting a cucumber in their peripheral vision, and of course my dirty mind went to... well what does a cucumber resemble? Tales from the Speaker and...