1. HairyAussieBloke

    Can’t Find Straight Gloryhole Vid

    I’m looking for this hidden can straight gay gloryhole vid, where this guy in a blue hoodie and a beanie is getting blown. He entered this house and next to the front door is the gloryhole. He doesn’t look that impressed but it’s a hot vid. Can anyone help? It’s kind of similar to this photo
  2. L

    GloryholeBerlin / @Tomwaits18 (on twitter)

    justfor.fans/GloryholeBerlin This guy is just absolutely amazing. He blows any horny Arabs, Turks and blacks in his Berlin apartment. The guys are really hot and apparently also straight. Unfortunately, you won't find that much of his videos. If you have videos, feel free to share them here. I...
  3. D

    Sneaking pics of hot guys on the street or gym?

    Have you ever seen a great ass or bulge on the street, gym, restaurants, etc and you just have to sneak a shot "for later"? Some bubble butts just need to be documented whether its in jeans, athletic shorts, sweat pants, etc. No nudity since it's non-consensual and they should be out in public...
  4. L

    Hidden Camera

    was the thread deleted?
  5. J

    Please Help Find The Source

    I found this clip on twitter, please help me find out where it originated... hot as fuck!
  6. 1

    Public Toilet Peephole, Gloryhole, Overstall, Understall

    show me what you got, love public restroom/ toilet fun, spy, gloryhole, ect.