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high school

  1. Harambae

    Links Posting Links Of This Gay Stories Nifty Classic

    An Innocent Sleepover (High School) Biiiiiiitch!!!! I've discovered I've got a kink for stories where usually large bootied DUMB jocks get exploited, groped, fondled, humiliated, used, milked and just utterly spent for there jiggly cheeks and LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT. This series is about 7...
  2. J

    Teen Boys Onlyfans

    Found these boys promoting their OF "ChrisandNoah" (OnlyFans). They seem super hot, but idk if they are just baiting. Anyone subscribe to them?
  3. Donovan Bancroft


    I found this video a really long time ago and I've been searching for the full video ever since. This video is absolute gold to me. If anyone has the full vide, please share!
  4. River Acheron

    The Fallout of Jack Hamilton

    Five years after 'Jack Hamilton is Not a Nice Person' was completed on Nifty, I am pleased - along with original author, Matt Smith, to bring a much needed sequel to this amazing tale! It takes place DIRECTLY after the events in the penultimate chapter 19, and the '6 months later'...
  5. R

    Cock worship story

    All, I am writing a story about cock worship. 2 chapters posted so far, more to come! Joe, the Exhibitionist Ch. 01 - Exhibitionist & Voyeur - Literotica.com