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    The Gay Republican Wedding (part 3) By Moisés Ravelo

    Cold Feet Max could not help but wonder what would happen if he were making a mistake. What if the marriage failed? Seeing that he was still deeply concerned and choosing to support Max instead of acting on her secret desire to save him from this huge mistake. Donna Tramp came up with a grand...
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    The Gay Republican Wedding (part 2)

    The Bachelor Party Max and his friends all gathered the night before the wedding in a lavish suite at a posh hotel closest to the ceremony’s venue. Among the close-knit group of friends celebrating with Max his last night of bachelorhood were the very popular and hilarious DC drag comic duo...
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    The Gay Republican Wedding (part 1)

    The Gay Republican Wedding The words ‘Wedding’ and ‘marriage’ are two words to be taken seriously. Weddings are sacred ceremonies and rites of passage not only reserved for the heterosexual community anymore. Two people regardless of gender, in love, with a strong desire to proclaim this love...