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  1. F

    Gay Coffee Table Books/ Magazines?

    I was watching Troye Sivan’s AD Interview and House Tour and he mentioned he collected homoerotic books as decor. So I’m kind of inspired, do you know any good books or magazines with lots of photography or other fun stuff? Would love to build a sexy library of sorts!
  2. M

    Homoerotic onlyfans

    I'm a guy who does art porn on onlyfans. I post there a lot actually. Just putting myself out there
  3. S

    Straight male porn stars you think have sexual chemistry/tension with each other

    Straight-porn watchers, are there any straight male porn-stars that you see fucking together a lot or with a lot of intensity that you think they are/were fooling around behind the scenes. Tom Byron and Marc Wallace appeared in at least 127 scenes together, were roommates at some point, Tom...
  4. cupcakke69

    men slapping each others ass's in straight porn

    this thread is about men slapping each others asses in straight porn such as gangbangs, (this does not include gay or bi porn) only in striaght porn for example like this one: 5:10

    Frank Serves Franks (Gay Erotica)

    "Okay is that all of the insurance that you were looking for?" (Silence) "Thank you Mr. Dickson. You are all set. If you have any further questions feel free to call us during regular business hours and one of our customer service reps will direct your call..." (Silence) "Thank you and you do...
  6. T

    Photos & Videos Austin Keel (austinkeel13)

    Anything on him??
  7. F

    Video Straight Sex in Close-up - Homoerotic

    I started watching for a creampie close-up, but from 05:15 to 06:15 the man slightly changes position and we get a perfect close-up of all 3 holes in one shot.
  8. J

    TV Host Homoerotic

    Hi all, I’m looking for a video of a non-English TV show that featured a male guest wearing a sex toy on his cock and the male tv host was jokingly sucking a dildo that was connected to the man’s sex toy. It was v hot, also because it apparent the male guest was enjoying the sucking. Anyone have...
  9. B

    Straight vids where guys comment on another guy's size

    A thread for straight videos where one guy comments either positively or negatively on another guy's size. This can also include examples where a guy compares himself to his scene partner. Some examples: 5:45 - Scene the cameraman compares how his dick is skinnier than his friend's and that...
  10. H

    Art porn threesome mmf homoerotic

    Looking for more videos like this, threesome or more with one girl, artsy or romantic or sensual and even homoerotic but not too bisexual or gay
  11. M

    Straight Male Porn Star Feet

    I wanted to create a space for those who have a Feet Fetish for straight guys where we can share porn scene that include straight porn stars feet getting licked/woshiped or displayed in camera.:heart:
  12. Hephaestionofarabia

    Homoerotic stories

    a story titled "Shahriar's Mantle" by HoA My new friend invited me to a masquerade, in which men and women dressed in oriental costumes and ate and drank Arabic sweets and beverages, even though Shahriar was not an Arab. After the masquerade party was over, the rooster crowed, and the master...
  13. N

    Group sex vids where the guys are verbal and root each other on.

    I’m always looking for videos where there’s one girl and then 2 or more dudes having a 3some or gangbang or whatever. But the guys are very vocal and egging each other on. Things like “fuck that pussy bro” or “suck these big dicks”…. Prefer amateur but studio is hot too. Can y’all help?
  14. B

    Help find a video

    hi guys I am looking for a video. Its three white guys and a girl. They creampie the girl and the cum ends up all over one guys dick and crotch. I only remember it happens on a leather couch.
  15. Hephaestionofarabia

    5 Tops The Beach (homoerotic story)

    Kevin, Richard, Jeffrey, Steven and Kyle hit the beach one hot summer evening. Kevin had just broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her fucking his neighbor on the balcony early morning. Richard was sleeping over Kevin's place, which prevented him from demolishing the balcony over his...
  16. Hephaestionofarabia


    I'd to rank my favorite five eroticas in any category, labeled "Homoerotic" or "Bromance" or just "Sexiest".
  17. Harambae

    Video SCULPTED PHAT CHEEKED Italian Footlballer ID

    Can anyone ID This amateur Italian footballer caught prancing around his locker Room and filmed solely for having an amazing set of plump cheeks?! After years of beating off to him, I NEED TO KNOW MORE! LOL Even his teammates wanted to grab those pillows! The only clue I've got is that his...
  18. C

    I really want to (finally) hookup with my closest friend

    Hi everyone! It's crossed my mind to start a thread for the longest while... Yes, this is a 100% real story, and someone I'm currently navigating, which is why I finally decided to make a thread and ask for input, helpful advice, or other similar stories. *** For the last 5 years, I've been...
  19. B

    Andy Casanova "il bello il brutto il cattivo"

    I'm looking for Andy Casanova's porn "il bello il brutto il cattivo" with Luca Borromeo and Sarah Slave. Does someone have it and, if so, can pass it to me?
  20. heavenonearth

    Heaven on Earth

    Hi, I am just starting to fully accept myself as tje Sensual, Sexual Being that I am. I love being naked for the beauty of it. I lobe admiring the body of other guys. Sometimes, just to innocently explore as guys. Other times, not so innocent. I just returned from living on a nude beach...
  21. T

    Photos & Videos Straight Guys That Eat Cum?

    Looking for videos of straight guys (both solo and MF content in general) where the guy eats his cum. Cum kiss, eating creampie, licking off his fingers, wherever. Anything from solos where the guy seems straight or does mainly straight porn to any MF content where the guy eats his cum. bonus...
  22. T

    Any Straight Content With Cum Eating?

    Looking for videos of straight guys (both solo and MF content in general) where the guy eats his cum. Cum kiss, eating creampie, licking off his fingers, wherever. Anything from solos where the guy seems straight or does mainly straight porn to any MF content where the guy eats his cum. bonus...
  23. J

    Franco Roccaforte Gay And Homoerotic Scenes

    Starting this thread for people to post clips, scenes, and links to scenes with Franco Roccaforte doing gay stuff or any homoerotic moments in his scenes. If you post a link, please leave a time stamp to the part of the scene you’re referring to. Also, if anyone has his gay only fans clips...
  24. Hndsmdvl23

    B&w Photography

    Anyone else a huge fan of black and white photography?
  25. N

    How To Take The Next Step With A "straight" Guy

    I’m sure we all know this guy that says he’s straight, likes football (etc) and might even had/have a girlfriend, but deep down you are absolutely sure he likes guys or, at least, he is into you. He does not openly speak about feeling attracted to man (he does so about girls), but he keeps on...
  26. B

    Best Male Pairings In Mmf Scenes

    I’m 100% gay but most of the time choose to watch straight porn - MMF, MMMF etc. I find more masculine men hotter plus like the homoerotic element to them. My top picks in these scenes are guys like Charlie Mac, Kid Jamaica, Chris Diamond, Alex Jones, Erik Everhard, plus loads of the last...
  27. falsup

    A Mild Ben Browder Obsession

    Ben Browder from Farscape. Season 4_Episode 18_A Prayer
  28. P

    Dp With Premature Ejaculation?

    Hey guys, i know this is a super specific request, but are there any videos where there's a DP and the guy prematurely ejaculates, or at least has to stop to hold off from cumming? I know there's a lot of amateur style porn like this, but if its professional or HD its even better. I remember a...
  29. H

    Mmf - Homoerotic Or Not?

    Although I largely identify as gay, I can be attracted to women. And in the past I’ve engaged in sex with women. Some really nice experiences. In more recent years my straight sex experience has mostly been as part of an MMF threesome. The attitude of my sex partners has made for some amazing...
  30. B

    Rw Gays Thread

    Any RW Gays out there? And I don't just mean some normie conservative gays. Any RW Gays out there know about Bronze Age Pervert's Bronze Age Mindset, Harro MJ's The Engineering of the Gay Man or Jack Donovan's Androphilia?