homosexual acts

  1. F

    Describe what anal sex feels like for you

    Describe what anal sex feels like for you. Describe the sensations, where you feel them, etc. Especially (but not exclusively) interested in hearing from guys that enjoy it even without masturbating/touching themselves. But for those who do masturbate, speak up too and describe how the anal sex...
  2. L

    Hooking Up At Walt Disney World

    Yeah, I know. We all want to get off with Kyle Pallo. Has anyone used a mobile hookup app (or just picked someone up the normal old fashioned way) to hook up with another WDW guest while you or they were staying at one of the WDW resort hotels? Spill the beans, in detail please ;-) Which...
  3. Skagen Krauss

    Bud-sex / No Homo

    This act — “straight homosexual sex” or the newly coined term “bud-sex” — is far more common than we may have thought, reaching many areas that seem unlikely, like suburban neighborhoods and even biker gangs alongside the groups that we might anticipate would have this kind of sex: fraternities...