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    Leghunter’s Fucking Adventures Around The World.

    These are my chronicles of fucking girls around the world. From Australia to Europe, across the Middle East to Asia, each adventure is unique and memorable. My first adventure starts in Salzburg Austria. (1). Back in 2008 I did a two weeks self driving tour of Austria. One of the places I...
  2. 1

    How Was Your First Time With A Prostitute?

    So I was 24 at the time. Friend told me he visited a whorehouse and that the girls are like any other only sluttier. I said wtf I’ll five it a go. Was single at the time doing amateur bodybuilding so constantly jacked up on all sorts of sups that gave me constant hardons and balls full of cum...
  3. N

    Male models, ig th0ts & celebs who escort

    The original thread got deleted because I posted about S hys R achett and W ax M yatt hanging out :joy::sweat:
  4. 1

    Whore mongers and addicts - anyone?

    Any of you guys see hookers regularly, like few times a month? I’m in my 40’s and a whore monger. I’ve been seeing hookers since the age of 25. I find it very exciting to punt in whore houses searching for the ultimate fuck. Always on the hunt for new girls somehow inspires me. It’s like...
  5. Adomfg

    Street hookers!!!

    Hey guys, I'm really into my hookers walking the streets. Anyone here regularly pick them up ? And what reactions did you get to your xlarge cock ? A few of mine were: 1) After the blowjob (very toothy) she said, "Your cock is fucking thick, my jaw hurts now!" 2) After she put her hand around...