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horse hung

  1. D

    Horse named Pedro

    True to life story meeting a true horse cock. Living in a dorm for the first time comes with several new experiences and some adjustments. My first year at a real college is when I met Pedro the human horse. One day Jamie my roommate came back from taking a shower and told me about a small...
  2. P

    Skinny boy hung like a horse!

    Hung like a horse
  3. K

    Photos & Videos Felix Hayes felix_the_girthquake

    Imagine my surprise when I found this guy and his 10 inch horse cock I was even more surprised to find out that he didn't already have a thread on here https://twitter.com/FelixHayes440?t=lYCIjTacoJXOIhUu7hyLzg&s=09
  4. UnCutBlackBull925

    Introducing Super Bbc Man

    Spotted on twitter hashtag #mandingomonday : https://twitter.com/videoboyblog/status/1422021472411738112?s=21 Only fans: OnlyFans twitter: https://twitter.com/superbbcman1?s=21 Great guy He responds to folks so don’t be afraid to reach out yeah it’s all real
  5. UnCutBlackBull925

    Return Of Mr.13x8 With Onlyfans

    This dude is legendary and it’s great that he’s back on twitter and is making money on his onlyfans. cost right now $5 ( he’s having a sale) a lot of great videos and pictures And there’s videos of him in action as well
  6. gsoler

    Mrhouseplant At Of

    I think this schlong is going to be very popular around here.. SAD BOY HAMMERS THE HOG
  7. UnCutBlackBull925

    The Gee Suavee - Black Male Strippers

    He’s standing at 5’7 and reported at 10 inches
  8. DiomedesXVI

    Huge Cock Guys Wearing Glasses

    Some reason I’ve always found wearing glasses kinda hot on people. Who are some porn stars who wear glasses but also have huge cocks? Or, if you are a guy who wears glasses and has a huge cock, or have pics/vids of such, post em up. Would be greatly appreciated.
  9. DiomedesXVI

    Gloryhole Vids

    Are there any good big dick gloryhole vids out there that are of actual public gloryholes (e.g. public bathrooms, movie viewing booths)? As long as it’s not those fake homemade ones in someone’s private residence or hotel room. Half the turn-on is the public exhibitionist factor. So yeah share...
  10. UnCutBlackBull925

    Rodnneybe - Huge Dick Haitian Fitness Model And Dancer In Chille

    Juilo Gomez and now Rodnneybe - I know there's always talk about Dominicans but what the Haitians? He's representing his country ( although they are on the same island and its called Hispanola ) Check him out. Twitter: @Rodnneybe IG: Rodney (@rbrodneybe) • Instagram photos and videos...
  11. pinnacle88

    Longest Penis Ever?

    I don't know if this has been posted here before or if this is the right category to post this thread but i found these pics online and i feel like i should share them. Maybe it's fake maybe it's not, but if someone can ID and share more of this guy (if it's real) Please do.
  12. TheBlink

    Biggest cock contest

    im super hung fit stud that hasn't lost any size contest yet, so if your hung and wanna get humiliated or your super hung and think u can beat me, add me on Skype: titatillemann