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  1. A

    Trying to find this BWC again

    Does anybody remember who this is ?
  2. H

    Marinport74 on IG - Huge Uncut Dick

    This man is insanely hot and hairy, not to mention hung like a horse check out his instagram marinport74
  3. Dicklele

    Black Models On Grindr

    I've never posted anything before, so i figured i'd start with something big. Like the grindr decision to remove race filters? i know they think they did it to solve a problem, but they actually created one. Now, black people cant find each other anymore. having no race filters leaves ethnic...
  4. italmuzlboy

    Obscenely Thick Cock Porn

    Pretty hard to find vids of monster thick cock fucking a bottom. Beercan thick - around 8" girth or more. Mukhtar Safarov, Bob Lowe, Ed Lawrence, Esteban, Wade Pope, Cutler X, Tom Lord are a few to name. Anyone have links to vids or names of pornstars to add to S T R E T C H this collection ...
  5. Bigadmirer323

    A new comparison

    finally posted a pic of my epic meetup with @mjk7487 let us know what y’all think ;) 1428867