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  1. M

    Berlin hostels suggestions

    I will be travelling to Berlin at the end of June for 3-4 days and I am looking to book a bed in a hostel (preferably with communal showers) any suggestions?
  2. O

    Showing Off In Amsterdam

    Planning a visit to Amsterdam. Can anyone recommend a good hostel where you can show off and watch in? Or a hotel with a sauna/steam/pool/gym that is fun to show off in? Heard the clubs can be wild and the kink scene hot there. Any bars/clubs/dungeons/saunas that are worth a visit to show off...
  3. Isjayko

    London Cruising Hostels ?

    Anyone know where and wich is the best Hostels in London to Have some extra fun ? Like cruising or wanking with strangers ?
  4. alhambraxxx

    Andalusia Gay Hostels

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a gay hostel in Andalucia (Malaga, Cadiz, Seville or other cities) or a general hostel where you can have some fun. I prefer all-male dormitories or shared bathrooms. I'm also interested in other cruising spots like saunas, beaches etc.
  5. J

    Hostel Wanks

    Im planning on going to San Diego and experience to stay in a hostel. Any suggestions of hostels that are known for guys to wanks around... or that have open showers lol
  6. F

    Hostel In Bangkok Or Clothing-optional Villa In Bali?

    Anyone planning to stay at a hostel in and around Silom in Bangkok or Seminyak in Bali this holiday season? Especially in Bali since it's got several clothing-optional shared villas.