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hot olympic divers

  1. thebussyinvader

    Male Athletes; English/UK Divers or Swimmers

    This thread is dedicated to all athletes (NBA, NFL, MLS, Premier League, and UK/European sports as well), as well as any athletic swimmers & divers. I'm American, and have a thing for English divers & swimmers - they always seem to drive me wild! My favorite diver is Freddie Woodward. He's...
  2. J

    Anton Down Jenkins New Zealand Olympic diver

    He's openly gay 22 yr old diver that represented New Zealand
  3. rickbell19

    Dimitar Isaev

    I didn’t see a post so I thought I would start one for Dimitar Isaev. He is a 20 year old Olympic Diver from Bulgaria. Truly beautiful guy with many good Instagram and net photos. Seems like a sweet guy and pretty sure he is totally straight. But great eye candy! Well hung too!