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hotel room sex

  1. Dan259

    London Thursday Evening 23rd Jan

    Any cute guys, preferably under 30 fancy some hotel room fun? Open to most suggestions.
  2. Mark995

    London Meets

    Anyone in London interested in discreet wanks? Love a business man on a hotel trip to London! But equally just discreet living in London.
  3. Semichrmedlfe

    Hey Lp Scottsdale, Az

    In a Scottsdale, AZ hotel for business tonight (5/16) and early tomorrow (5/17). Any bate buds around and up for some hotel bate?
  4. Altoid

    Hotel sex question

    hate when hotels key the elevator to only go to your floor 24/7. anyone ever worked out a way to have a 'visitor' sent up to ur floor? though about leavin envelope with fake name on it and my room key in it at front desk for my 'visitor' to pik up other ideas?
  5. Andrea79

    My first time in a hotel room with a stranger...

    It was late at night, the center of Rome, the city I live in. It was a warm night, in september and i was with friends at a bar. From time i watched who was around in grindr: the city was full of handsome tourists and so was grindr. I sent pictures of my naked body to strangers who sent me their...