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  1. G

    Zack Dickson aka BeastMode

    A thread dedicate to this beast. Twitter: twitter.com/zackdickson22 OF: onlyfans.com/alphazack Tryout profile: hotguysfuck.com/tryout/77892/media
  2. PrettiboiLucas

    Photos & Videos Collin Black

    An appreciation thread for this hottie COLLIN BLACK
  3. H

    Fav Porn Studios

    Been randomly watching shit online these days like homemade porn that often hits better, or onlyfans shit But what are some of the studios that you really like? I know there are studios like Brazzers, NaughtyAmerica, Blacked, Vixen, PassionHD, Bang Bros, HotGuysFuck, which are your favs? I...
  4. conciousness

    Jared Flores at HGF and GH

    Anything on Jared Flores? Has a few videos on HotGuysFuck and a solo at GayHoopla.
  5. E

    Photos & Videos Drew Flex | Tyler Schultz

    I didn’t see a dedicated tread for this stud. So I’ll start. His stats 23 yrs + 5’10” + 190 lbs of muscle = I came across him as a happy accident. I subbed to his OF & have enjoyed myself since. I have DM’d him a few times & he has been response to me which makes me love him even more...
  6. B

    Photos & Videos Anybody have any photos/vids of @t_blurredm?

    Hey you guys! I'm looking for anything on @t_blurredm from onlyfans. He also used to go by Dax from Fratmen.
  7. D

    Which video in HotGuysFuck

    Looking for which video is this in Hotguysfuck. Saw it appear as a trailer in this video (link below) at 00:17 sec. I tried to browse their website but no idea is in which video lol. Anyone know? Site: HotGuysFuck - amari johnson sadie baker
  8. S

    Photo Model From "too Hard" Ad

    Saw this really hot guy in the beginning of a HGF video but couldn't find his name anywhere. Anybody knows who it is?
  9. S

    Photos & Videos Model From "too Hard" Ad

    Anyone knows who this is? He appears in the beginning of some HGF videos and I've tried looking for him in model lists but haven't been successful. He's pretty hot IMO.
  10. 9

    Gabriel Jordan - Gayhoopla

    Does anybody know what happened to this guy or any social media? Gabriel Jordan, He had one of the biggest asses on this site. So sad he only got rimmed once and played with a plug. I would had love to see him getting dominated...
  11. J

    Daniel Kanon

    Anyone have more info on this stud. I've been obsessed with him but only know of his hotguysfuck presence.
  12. S

    Chase Arcangel Hotguysfuck/onlyfans

    anyone got anything on this guy? he's hot as fuck
  13. Big3DMuscles

    Id This Latino Stud From Hgf

    Can someone share his name, other videos or social media accounts? He's hot af
  14. 4

    Noah Gato - Gayhoopla

    Does anybody know what happened to this guy? He was so hot! He was in HGF and Gayhoopla for some solos
  15. MILKY


    The thread got deleted again. Wtf! I think this is the 4th time now. LOL
  16. shampooshower


    Anyone have full video of this: Amazing Cock Talent From Kaleb Bell FUCKING Tiny 18yo Teen Aubrey Dolan
  17. L

    Anyone know this guy

    anyone know this guys real name or social media accounts? He goes by Ty Jason on gayhoopla & hotguysfuck