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  1. G

    First threesome experience vids (MFM or FFM)

    Looking for videos of authentic first threesome experiences (or at least that "look" as authentic first threesomes), preferably homemade! Either MFM or FFM. I'll get the ball rolling with one of each. MFM: I think this one is pretty good, may even be legit! FFM: retro but really good, the...
  2. J

    South Jersey - Looking for extremely Hung JO buddy

    From South Jersey and looking for someone local. Looking for an extremely hung JO buddy with at least 9 inches. My idea to meet and JO to our wives photos or videos. Have a good time, relax and reduce some stress. I'm extremely interested in a buddy with 9 inches or more that would enjoy JO...
  3. C

    Looking for a large guy to join couple in the Winnipeg area

    I’m a straight guy , love to watch , wife like big . Hotwife/cuckold type of scenario. AFF is meh for meeting real non fake people… can anyone suggest a place to search or options?? 45 m 43 f F 5’0 beautiful. sexy curves , beautiful tits and amazing ass .
  4. Albaraz

    Video Muscular Alpha Male Bulls fucking Hotwives in front of Cuckolds

  5. K

    best cuckold porn /she suck and fuck with cuckold

    I want to find more porn like this where she suck and fuck with cuckold https://adult.mat6tube.com/watch/-196274639_456239134
  6. haulass

    Threesome fun AL 2023

    Hotwife and Stag 2023 anyone in the southeast? big thick and fun to the front. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/hotwife-and-stag-2023.1182231/
  7. SouthPole

    Stag vs. Cuckold ?

    searched the topics and could not find a discussion about this so, sorry if it’s been covered before ...... For starters, I have to confess that one of my deepest rooted sexual ...... interests, ..... fetishes, ..... obsessions? ..... has been girlfriend/wife sharing. (I only reference this...
  8. Metamorphosis - From a "good girl" to a size-queen

    The beggining

    When I was 20 years old, I was just... well, an average 20-year-old girl. I was neither particularly pretty nor particularly ugly, not very tall and quite skinny. I hadn't had many boyfriends up to then and very little sexual experience for my age, and I hadn't even enjoyed what I'd tried. I...
  9. S

    My Skinny Indian Co Worker

    My wife and I never intended to share her or enter any kind of hotwife lifestyle but we inadvertently stepped into it with a co worker of mine without either of us really knowing what we were doing or how it was happening! Our relationship was fairly normal, started dating right after...
  10. Antonio8inches

    Unloading my massive load on this Hotwife

  11. Chridi's new Sexy-adventures

    What about getting naked in front of his friends? - Part 1 - The invitation

    When I got naked outdoors for the first time with Christian I knew this was something I wanted to do more. Now several years later we repeatedly enjoy naked beaches in different countries and in winter to keep the naked freedom alive we go to big public saunas. One thing I always wanted to avoid...
  12. D

    Crazy fetish

    Sorry I am posting a lot tonight I’m drunk and thoughts are flowing through my head lol. As you’ve probably read I’ve let my wife fuck another man. A bull as they are called. He had a great body and was tall and had a huge cock. Any sane woman would love to fuck him and my wife obviously loved...
  13. D

    My naughty sexy size queen wife.

    I just love showing off my sexy horny wife. We both love seeing the responses. I jerk off to her all the time so feel free to do the same! I’ve posted before and have had amazing responses. Feel free to comment or message me. You can be as dirty as you want and tell me what you would do to my...
  14. D

    My wifes “to do” list

    I made a list of things that I thought my wife might be interested in doing and asked her to give me the chances that she would do them with her bull. This was something fun we did before she even fucked her bull. The ones with the star are the things that she has since done with the bull...
  15. D

    My wife tributed by LargUnit

    Thank you LargeUnit for making my wife wet by tribute for her with your large cock. This guy is gonna be making my wife play with her pussy later when she gets home I’m sure. She loves his muscular body and huge cock head and soon enough will be doing nasty things for him I’m sure
  16. D

    Wifey and I love this site

    My sexy hot horny size queen wife and I love this site. The people on it guys and ladies all seem to be more genuine and just like talking about sex or big dicks or whatever! My wife loves to look at all the hot guys with their huge dicks and she gets incredibly turned on by when they get hard...
  17. Mick Jakker

    To Couples seekinf MFM, MMf; to Hotwives or cuck couples seeking a Bull

    I have been a lifestyle Bull for over 15 years. I love couples and women. Contact me. i’m an exhibitionist and i love to play–especially in public. Although I have a very dom personality, i also like to understand the desires of others. Ask me about the crazy stuff i’ve done. If you’ve imagined...
  18. B

    My first bi experience

    Hey everyone, This is my first post here. Found this site while looking at yummy cocks, and thought I may as well share my story as well. This story is 100% REAL. It was my 23rd birthday, and I went to hang out with a couple of friends for the day. The two of them are partners, M and F, both...
  19. W

    Source of this GIF of hotwife measuring her bull's big cock?

    Been trying to find the source of these GIFs for a while now. Nothing hotter than a big cock getting measured on cam!!! as
  20. secretlifehw

    South NJ HW looking for a well hung FWB.

    Happy Holidays! I'm looking for a long-term FWB with a single, well-hung gentleman and yes, my husband knows. Please be - 33-53 years old Single Able to share hosting duties (at your own place, not a hotel) - no more than 30 mins away. Must be 8" or plus would be ideal Bonus points for...
  21. P

    Photos & Videos Sexting/sharing Hotwife

    Hello, not sure if this is a thread that exists but perhaps some of you have found or have pictures/screenshots or videos of a hotwife (or yours) sexting and then follow up videos meeting up with their partner/bull.. Care to share? ;)
  22. D

    Need A Stud For My Wife

    So we are still new to this site but so far it is amazing. My incredible sexy loving yet horny size queen wife seems to be really turned on by all the reactions and hot hung guys giving her compliments. So we have a fantasy of her getting fucked or at least sucking a hot guy with a huge dick...
  23. A

    Webslut Wife

    Vote her up, comment and spread her every where TE2
  24. D

    Can’t Get My Wife With A Big Cock Out Of My Mind!

    Completely true story no BS nothing crazy So I’ve been with my wife since high school. We are both 32 been married for 7 years now. Both attractive fit people. Have a good sex life when we have the time. Have never had sex with anybody else. Only kissed other people before we got together...
  25. CuioGeo

    Premium Amateur Cuckolding, Bdsm, And Interracial Content!

    Hey there, I'm CuioGeo an experienced dominant and bull who has been in the lifestyle for years but in the last few months got heavily into photography and videography and begun creating content with my partners. You may have already seen some of my content in the media section, but those are...
  26. lbj15

    Husband Gets More Than He Bargained For

    Based on a true story. As I sat there at the table on a sunny Saturday morning in July, I knew two things: I needed more coffee, and I did not like Ted. "You see, I get really hard and go for a really long time, so I want to make sure the other guy can deliver the goods in that regard as...

    Cock Tributes Wanted!

    Looking for studs to send pose over cock & cum tribute photos and vids.. IF I like, you just might get one in return :) DM or email.
  28. 8

    Hi Everyone! Greetings From The Netherlands!

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce myself: I actually found this forum by Googling myself () and noticing I was mentioned in a thread. Guess that's quite an original way of ending up here! I've been together with my BF for 5 years, and for several years now we've also been dating with other girls...
  29. Incorporesano36

    My Wife Needs A Large Cock

    My wife @Cosette2020 and I are into cuckolding and we are looking for a virtual bull (verified members only please). She wants a polite bull with a massive cock and a fit body, and I want to make her happy.
  30. 7

    Emilyinthecity (onlyfan)

    Hello, if anyone subscribed to this chick who fuck only hot men, please share it with us. Her onlyfan:- OnlyFans Her reddit gif:- emilyinparis’s Porn GIFs | RedGIFs