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  1. X

    Ryugo (竜吾) of Mega Hunk

    Ryugo (竜吾) I'm curious where is he now?
  2. T

    Photos & Videos Asian Bear, Beef, Cub!

    Don't see a lot of sources sharing this specific type of stuff, so I decided to make a thread. I'll start off with some stuff I have saved here. :>
  3. S

    Photo Look For His Ig

    His name is Shougo. Does anybody know his IG or something?
  4. M

    Ray Sawet Hottest Thai Bodybuilder

    Anyone got his real name. Comp stats?
  5. P

    Asian Ren (れん) Hot Muscle Verse

    Does anyone have anything on this guy? 蓮 Ren – GVDB 蓮 REN He must have a social media presence, because hunk-ch took down all his unmasked vids: HUNK CHANNEL(ハンクチャンネル)-ゲイ体育会系マッチョ動画サイト- - ERROR OGVN158 - GAY HD X~淫欲の開眼~5、COOLなイケメンデカマラマッチョ蓮(れん)19歳!!!フロアマットに目隠しと手足をX拘束された筋肉が悶絶喘ぎまくり!!! | NETFUCK...
  6. S

    Japanese video: hunk ch and mrrushtv

    I've been really obsessed with japanese gay porns. I really find muscular and athletic japanese so attractive?