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  1. shephusky

    One Knight Stand

    Bruce Knight was a 22 year old college student ready to graduate. He was a woman’s dream, tall (6’4”) dark (Hispanic mom, Italian father) and handsome. He had a cut rugged jaw, people say he looks like a superhero. But being close to the end of school, he didn’t have much money. His car just...
  2. K

    Love yourself (hyper futa, futa on female, excessive cum)

    Well, thought I'd give it a try, first futa story I post here. Let me know what you think. Tags: Futanari, Excessive cum, Hyper, Futanari on Female, impregnation. All Characters are over 18 years old. The Talk "Really Zoe? Like really?" Jessica said as she took a sit in her clean, white...
  3. Growingpenis

    Looking for girls to breed

    Hello, I’m 29, 145lbs, 6ft 2in tall, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic build. I am looking for my little breeding mare that want me to breed her over and over again. If interested hit me up.