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  1. D

    Captnemo030 on OF

    They’re on twitter by the same username, and further give their name as Lee Coehr. They’re twins from Berlin, and they’re pretty fine. Was wondering if anyone knew if they were worth subscribing to on OF.
  2. J

    Help Find Tumblr “brother” Vid

    Hi, I just have some screencaps but these 2 guys claimed to be brothers and had bareback sex and I think there was cum eating too. Looking to find the vid or info about them. Thanks.
  3. S

    Photos & Videos Porn Actors In A Video That Are Related

    Hey, I am following a number of threads and really loving it here. Thank you to everyone who contributes. I am particularly interested in videos that have actually related people in them. I stumbled upon a post regarding a father and son working in porn videos together, are there any more of...
  4. SomedoodeMe

    Luca's Awakening

    This is just a story none of it is true based purely on fantasy and fetish it contains guy on guy. Girl on guy. And has taboo sexual encounter. I hope you can enjoy it :) My names Lucas's when I was 18 I had a best friend named Tom, he was a year older than me and 6 foot about 4 inches taller...
  5. AlexanderCA

    Kik group- bro/bro fantasies roleplay

    Hi guys, Starting a group for guys that are into this. Post your kik or send me a private message to add you.