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  1. Oyster21

    Ultra-tattoed Guys

    Hey, I'm looking for porn with full-body tatto guys, tattoed faces, etc.
  2. JayPR

    Tattoos: Tatted Skin Or Bare Skin?

    Do you have any tattoos or want to get them? Are you attracted to people with tattoos or prefer virgin skin? What are your views or preferences on this topic?
  3. Mimi Tofu

    Benji Verdes

    instagram.com/benverdes instagram.com/benjiverdes twitter.com/benjiverdes
  4. A

    Donnie Jennert

    I looked today and I was surprised there wasn’t a thread about him on here already 6’8 hunk with tattoos
  5. citomar

    Who Is This Guy From Tumblr

    Hey does anyone know what's his name? I remember there was another pic of him but I can't find it anymore.