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inland empire

  1. Imfmike10

    Anybody in the Temecula/Menifee area??

    I’m looking to bring someone into the bedroom with my chick she likes 8inch plus guys. Hit up me up let’s chat
  2. sda93

    I Want To Bottom!

    Hello Everyone! I’m a 26 year old guy looking to bottom and give oral for the first time. I’m a pretty big guy. 6’1 380lbs. I have a pretty small dick (about 5.5”) I’m a recent college grad and have a car/job. I really just want to experience all these feelings that I have been burying for as...
  3. Flowerpot18

    Hi lpsg

    What’s up! This site is just what I needed in y life right now! Shout out to an old friend who introduced me to it. 29 year old Mexican here from so cal Looking toward to alll your posts!