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  1. TheEasyA

    Insecure about size…

    So this is embarrassing both as a gay man and someone who is pretty chubby, but I wanted input about size. Fully hard, I’m 4 1/2 inches. I’m a bottom, so I don’t “use” my dick, not a lot. I’ll occasionally have a guy who wants to go down. Not often though and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m not...
  2. 4

    I Meet Insecure Guys That Think I'm A Nympho And Has Social Media Ended Monogamy?

    I have a high sex drive, love sex and am a very sexual person but this is only obvious with the right person. I think i choose and attract insecure guys even the bigger ones iv'e had. Must be going wrong somewhere haha And it may be me but it seems the whole world is casual and when people are...