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  1. Mj11xxx


    It has been a long time since I last posted in this thread. But nothing changed. I am looking for a new submissive to explore. So this Ad aims to reach submissive guys who like to be explored and get edged. I am into CBT, bondage, cum control and whatnot. If you have these sexy kinks message...
  2. Stratavos

    Apparently The Hung Are Not As Bright

    aside from the spelling error thats' there in the article. (though for all we know the hung may also be "the endured", more than just endowed) Study concludes bigger than average penis is a disability and it’s associated with low mental capacity always remember that there's exceptions to the...
  3. OneDollarBill

    Intelligent conversation and huge cock

    31 m, tall, nerd handsome ;) I have a big especially thick cock. Bisexual. Intellectual. Looking for someone 18-40, who's intelligent, handsome, and super hung. Just curious if they exist . Happy to have a conversation or more. Kik: timelord224 Tell me your favorite author...