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  1. X

    hello people

    just to introduce myself, i've been out of gym and sside goals that set long beforehand on now getting all maquinated to thrive this time. it gets and gets. helps needing back as fro what sex and so guys can count on me looking sensical coach tops into leather skin bdsm and what we. free mingling
  2. D

    Hello, I am from India

    Hello guys, I am 29 years old. I just found this forum and don't know the meaning of LPSG. I came across it accidentally while searching for adult videos. I watch sex videos related to: MILFs BBC Interracial Hotwife/Slutwife Cuckolding Groupsex Orgy Chubby/Curvy women BBW Transgenders...
  3. Mr Edged

    My introduction

    Hello, I'm an 18 yo man, quite decent body. I've got a pretty under average dick like 11-12 cm hard. I live in France. I love to work out, I've started to work out and my goal is to become as muscular as possible. I will post my evolution with posts. In terms of sexuality, I've always been...
  4. H

    Back online!

    Hi guys! Old time poster here, took a long break after some personal stuff. Came back to find out I've lost my old account details, so I guess I'll be starting fresh+! Mid 20s, partnered dude with a long standing secret Bi side. Love exploring submission, free-use, watersports, masturbation...
  5. Cyanophagos

    im new here, hi!!

    Hey! Hello everyone, I’m a 26yo French boy. Here to chat and post some nudes, and who knows, maybe meet w some hot men in Paris? Two truths and one lie about me : - I love hanging balls - I hate body hairs - I can self fuck Will you find which one is the lie ? xx
  6. John099


    Hey I'm John099, new user here checking in! :grinning:
  7. M

    18 y/o hung twink

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself :) I'm an eighteen year old twink who looooves showing off his body to anyone who wants to see! looking to chat, meet people, and do video calls. I'm bi and verse (I really don't care!!!) and I'm 5'11" and blessed with an 8 inch cock If you want to...
  8. NickBigDick2000

    Latino teen!

    Hello! Im Nick. I'm new here. I'm 21 and latino. Nice to meet you all! Hope I have fun here
  9. 4

    Ayo! New Member Here

    Ayo, how’s it goin? New here and very excited.. so yeah I’m 22 currently living in Canada. Mostly into guys but only dated girls before. I’m quite hairy (thanks to my Georgian roots lol) n my cock is rather big and thicc. Feel free to message me and check my pics. If you have questions don’t...