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  1. big_duke

    2 new hung studs on OF

    Hey guys! Me and another hung buddy of mine just started collaborating on an onlyfans together. we’re just starting out but I think we already got some hot content up and more to come. So come check us out OnlyFans and let us know if you have anything in particular you’d like to see
  2. M

    Fucking Fleshlights

    Hey, so I'd like to start a thread of LPSG users posting videos of themselves fucking fleshlights or similar. Here's me to start things off:
  3. A

    Can u help to find his OF (Jack)

  4. J

    Jack Duncan

    Anyone got anything on Jack Duncan? @jackdunc1 on Twitter
  5. R

    Jack Cole Youtuber

    Anybody have anything on him? He's not very popular but is extremely cute.
  6. V

    Photos & Videos Jack Harrer And Kevin Warhol

    Anyone have their cam videos???
  7. D

    Photo Perfect And Muscular Body

    Hello! He’s Jack from theguysite. I think this guy is so hot and studly. His body is beefy and hairy muscle. If i knew his real name or if he has social media; Twitter, onlyfans, etc. It would help.
  8. 2

    Jack Lawrence Of

    Anyone have anything from his Onlyfans?
  9. M

    Jack From Sean Cody

    Anyone have any info on Jack from Sean Cody? I need something to tide me over til his next bottom scene :)
  10. G


    This Doctor is fit as fuck. Beautiful face, body and ass. ESPECIALLY the ass. Surely there is more out there of him? Someone must have some nudes?!
  11. Collegeboy629

    Kik list under 30 jerk/edging

    hey guys drop your kik names please be under 30. Possibly starting a group chat or something. I’m 23 7” cut banana cock and in shape. Kik: cfisher94
  12. 1

    Arse out on its own, squatting..

    I like doing this... A lot.