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  1. charlesp95

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    This my first time posting so hopefully this is the right forum to post in? Anyhoo someone on this forum posted these 2 gifs on a forum(I think it's the hidden cam forum) and I'm instantly in love with him, I messaged the person that posted the gifs but never got any reply back so hopefully...
  2. A

    In Shape Bi Married Looking For Safe Guy Alpharetta Georgia

    me 6'1" 179 clean cut blond blue in shape safe bi married looking for fun with hung guy your stats? into?
  3. cork8x6

    Portland, Or — Stumptown Strokers J/o Group

    Stumptown Strokers is a new-ish J/O club in Portland, OR for men (ages 21+). Interested in learning more about the group and joining our next event in April? PM me for info.
  4. 1

    Colin's big dick

    Feeling horny and wanting to show off my great big dick. Hot hung horny Colin jacks off his big dick
  5. F

    Anyone in/near bern, switzerland?

    Here for a week and I wouldn’t mind touching bases with some members in the area. If you get my drift...

    So new hampshire/soea vermont/nocen massachusetts

    Hey All, Im looking for new buds and bro's for fun relaxing guy fun. Love porn, prolonged edging, all day jacking, cum control, solo/mutual/group/circle jerks, oral, cock sucking, cock worship, cum eating/feeding bukkake is a fave. Seeking real time meetups with regular down to earth guys who...