1. J

    Prison/jail stories?

    Hey guys, wondering if any of you have got some hot TRUE stories of your experiences in prison? I had a great time inside, and have a few stories to share. Don't have time right now but thought I'd get this going :laughing:
  2. B

    Photo Does anyone know this inmate?

    Can anyone identify who this inmate is? He made a lot of videos and I'd like to get to know him. Links to some his videos as well as his photos are below. Real Inmates, Real Prison Men, Real Jail - Gay.Bingo HOT PRISONNER CUMMING IN THE JAIL - ThisVid.com REAL PRISONNER CUMMING IN JAIL -...
  3. S

    Prison. Inmates. Jail. Convicts.

    Making a thread for videos of guys in prison/jail. It could be of just showering or jerking off or having sex in prison. Or if it’s videos of ex-convicts jerking off out of prison.
  4. ThatBish95

    Love After Lockup

    Okay, Harry, Michael and Derek…is there anything out there on them?
  5. Handyvanni

    Prison boys

    Listen…the prison industrial complex is really wild but that hasn’t stopped a tingle in my pants everytime i see a shoddy phone pic of a hot guy in prison. Looking for good stuff like bulges and butt flashes but also some really good stuff like sex vids!
  6. M

    Prison Nudity, Strip Searches, Showers - Real Only

    Here's a great series from Getty images of real convicts
  7. T

    Video Help finding a jailhouse vid

    This is a long shot. About 20 years ago I saw a porn movie where a prisoner and a guard fuck in a cell, but it ends with the prisoner locking the guard in the cell and escaping. No idea of the title or any of the actors! Any ideas??
  8. RioDalston

    Video Hot jailbirds

    The dick, the tats, the hard cumming! And he gets his dick so slick! Tatted Inmate Jack Session | XTube Porn Video from J_Guttah