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  1. T

    Anyone who know this guy?

    Anyone know who this guy? https://twitter.com/MaggieRami80836/status/1690165181907943425
  2. B


    does anyone have his stuff? he usually goes live on twitter and teases but i think his onlyfans had actual stuff OnlyFans
  3. NowhereHere19

    Photos & Videos TimeStop And Hypno Megathread

    Hunk Channel- Freeze 1 Delivery Boy Frozen: School Bully: Coworker Used:
  4. A

    Kei keififtyfour

    He’s a YouTuber with a small following, does twitch streams and raps. He lives in Japan and does vlogs. He’s toyed with the idea of onlyfans before by just posting a poll on his story where majority of people said yes but he said it was just a joke…
  5. D

    help me find this video! Japanese man jerks off after night routine

    I watched a video a while ago on pornhub and I cant find it anymore. It was a video of a japanese young man who kind of vlogged his night routine and ended it with him jerking off and cumming. Ive been looking everywhere but cant seem to find it.
  6. onyxakita354

    Identify this Japanese bear plz ! :)

    Can anyone identify this big cutie ? And if he’s done anymore films !
  7. H

    Photos & Videos KAISEI 海世 佐久間

    dose anyone know or have this video?
  8. Marco Tony

    Sexy Muscular East Asian Gay Men

    Theres already other threads about east asian men. But they include straight men, straight porn and twinks. What makes this thread distinct is that here its all about hot muscular east asian gay men and gay porn. Here you can post hot muscular japanese men, chinese men, taiwanese men, thai men...
  9. L

    Photos & Videos Shuzo Yoshizawa or Shuzo41

    Does anyone have his content ?
  10. P


    Does anyone have onlyfans of shoulder_kazu He is very hot shoulder_kazu He is very hot
  11. Q

    Eishin 詠真

    Japanese Porn Star Eishin (詠真).
  12. V

    Asian DILFS

    Post pics of sexy East Asian Daddy’s and DILFS!
  13. Tawinly

    Photo Anyone Recognize This Japanese Porn?

    Anyone know this guy?
  14. M

    Photos & Videos narumiya jin

    japanese former (?) porn star. he has many gay videos out there
  15. C

    Video Where is this video from?

    Hi everyone - looking for the actual name of a video which has been uploaded to a few places but often mislabelled as "ACD-140" (for example, here) or "Sho's Aggressive Fuck". I feel like someone must know the name or code for the actual video. As well as that, the names of the actors would be...
  16. wynter22

    Photos & Videos Anything on @kazuwanwa? (Kazu)

    Twitter/X: https://x.com/kazuwanwa?s=21&t=tf7pmWN3x9ONDMSYCuo2Cw Such a hot Japanese guy, posts a lot of bulge and hard on videos, has a few cum shots but blurred or cut down when he’s about to shoot. anyone has access to his MyFans???
  17. S

    Help find full video

    Does anyone have this full video?
  18. Z

    Video Can anyone identify the big bodybuilder in this video?

  19. Eksa

    Photos & Videos Ges_Katu (Twitter/Myfans/Pornhub)

    Sooo i came across this beautiful 39 years old Japanese man on twitter and saw he has myfans etc. Do we have anyone here that is subscribed to his myfans?
  20. J

    Hunk ch handsome stud

    Can anyone please help identify him or this video? Thank you
  21. N

    Impossible to find Japanese Gay PornVideo

    Can anyone help find this video? This is the only thumbnail I could find but the video on the site isn't there anymore.
  22. SashaF

    Ryan Bednar (Rynon.Couple)

    Anyone have anything on Ryan Bednar? Here is his couple instagram with Japanese gf Kanon: Login • Instagram And their adventures: Login • Instagram
  23. Rerin

    Can anyone ID this Japanese guy?

    Can anyone name this man? I've been trying to find out who he is or if there are more videos of him. Thanks a bunch!
  24. G

    Help ID These Asian Porn Vids

    Can anyone please help me ID these asian porn vids? Or maybe anyone have the full version of these vids? I wanna see the full version of these vids. Thank you so much to anyone who can help.
  25. C

    whats the video link?

    i saw this hot video on twitter and i need the video link for this ;-;
  26. D

    First time

    Hi, I'm half Japanese who joined lpsg because I wanted to see sexy gay. I'm learning English so don't tease me so much
  27. M

    where can i find this person

    does anybody know where can I find this porn? I remember he is senpai in school sport team and junior caught his jerking and at the end senior wanted to try anal if i remembering correctly please let me know thanks you
  28. P

    Help me ID this japanese hunk

    Anyone know the bottom name or name of this video? Got this from Twitter
  29. G

    Help ID This Asian Bear

    Anyone please help me ID this asian bear, this is from video G-Max Vol. 19 Sex Trap. Maybe anyone know the name of this guy or where to find more of him. Thank you so much <3
  30. beepbedeebop

    Video Glossmen Japanese Gay Porn

    Does anyone have these Glossmen Japanese gay porn videos in HD?: NM 1 NM 166 NM 199 Thanks!