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  1. A

    Looking for this jav video

    I’m looking for this boy from jav Does anyone know which video he’s in???
  2. P

    Does anyone know this Japanese gay porn ?

  3. L

    Why when we acess Japanese Gay Porn sites, we often find straight videos?

    Why when visit Japanese gay porn sites, we often see straight videos? Did you ever find this strange? Why only in Japan (not in Asia, not in Eastern world) we see this habit? Why do these producers have this stupid custom of involving women in scenes?
  4. L

    Why does the site Hunk-CH often make straight porn scenes instead gay porn scenes?

    You see that site with gay public, but 80% or 90% of scenes are totally straight? It's too nonsense, don't you think? For example, in the site there is the serie "Cruising", that shows a bitch harassing a unknown man on the street and inviting him to have sex with her, but if you search the word...
  5. R

    JAV -- Ittetsu Suzuki with Transwomen

    Hi! Ittetsu Suzuki is one of my fave male pornstars. Do you guys have codes of the JAV he shot where he fucked transwomen? Thank you so much!
  6. MXnewboy

    Photos & Videos Ittetsu Suzuki

    Ittetsu Suzuki was born in Japan on February 21, 1979. He began doing work in the JAV industry in 2004 when he was a university student. In 2012, he signed a contract to work exclusively with Silk Labo to create porn specifically for women. He is best known for the work he created with Silk Labo...
  7. L

    The Japanese porn is the worst on Earth. Change my mind! (I doubt!)

    Pixels, pixels, pixels... accursed pixels! Even the actor's face is censored in some videos! As if it were not enought, without men-to-men/boy-to-boy sex, only fucking straight porn in a "gay" site! You see the thumb with a super hot boy (like Hiroto) and think: "It's today that I see a wondrous...
  8. H

    Jav Websites

    Any paid websites/platforms/blogs that has lots of new japan gay videos? If there are such websites, please let me know, as there are several videos I am searching for.
  9. B

    Bbc V. Creamy Pussy - Jav Edition

    Here are a few of my fav on-topic videos, I'll add more when I can. Feel free to share yours. And yeah, it's hard to tell sometimes w/ censored jav if the women are really creaming or not but if you can't quite make it out..it counts in my book! Throw some timestamps in for long ones: first try...