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jay tee

  1. thebussyinvader

    Jay Tee?

    Anyone have nudes or custom videos/nudes of the gay porn star, Jay Tee? He has done str8 porn too, but he earned a following doing gay content. I have a few fetishes, so I love his videos on SayUncle, Young Perps, Bully Him, Doctor Tapes, Missionary Boys and Yes Father. He asks for fans to...
  2. P

    Jay Tee (j.t.) Aka Elder 3dw@rds In M0rm0n B0yz

    Used to be known as Elder 3dw@rds from MMB and then as Jay Tee (J.T.) in sketchy sex before switching to perform in straight porn, now making a comeback in TGS He got gorgeous good look and is a good bottom, anyone knows if he got any social media?