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  1. G

    Jay Hutton- Tattoo Fixers

    Any leaked nudes of Tattoo Fixers Jay Hutton!? Posted before but not got a massive response!
  2. G


    Does anyone have anything for Jay Hutton from tattoo fixers.. I have seen a leaked pic before but I think it was fake :/
  3. CokeZero380

    Jay Bruno

    I just woke up from an *adult* dream about this guy from Melbourne. He is, to me, one of the hottest guys on planet earth. I’ve never met him as I live in Sydney and he’s in Melbourne, but I thought I’d throw a few pictures here in the hope that someone has something more juicy to share. That...
  4. D

    Calvin Demba

    Calvin Demba is a British actor best known for his roles on Hollyoaks as Scott Sabeka, Youngers as Jay and his created short film Rue Boy as Rudie. Demba is certainly a hunky Londoner with a potentially big load!
  5. PrincessOfCum

    Jordan Scott (@jayrscotty)

    Yeah, he looks a bit creepy, but honestly he's kind of hot. His body and face are all kinds of right in his modeling photos. Also saw what seemed to be some sort of nude leak on a meme page the other day, but it was totally blurred. If anyone has any pics or videos of him, please do share!
  6. B

    Ig Jaychantana

    omg i need need this guys nudes. He’s crazy hot.i wonder if his cock is just as veiny.
  7. M

    Jay Sean Cody?

    What’s Jay from Sean Cody circa 2009 real name, insta, Fb, Twitter...? Hairy, hunky guy that performed like an absolute champ. Tnx
  8. Juliocesmez

    Photo Jay read jilted royalty

    Hey! Something about this guy? I have been following for years now and I know he must have nudes out there